We created i am safe online to give everyone an opportunity to create a safe, abuse-free online environment anywhere they want.

The service analyses input text and decides whether its content is abusive or not. It uses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm to evaluate how abusive a message can be. We trained this algorithm on a human-curated dataset of real comments from various sources.

The analysis can then be used by you to keep your website, blog or comment section “hate” free.

Currently, the service can only indicate if the content is abusive or not, but shortly we’re planning to improve it by using more topic-specific data for training. This will allow i am safe online to understand the context of the message better and identify phrases that can be offensive to a specific community.

We tried to make it as easy to integrate as possible, and we would love you to try it out and give us some feedback!

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Try it yourself

Type or paste the text you want to evaluate. The service will analyse it using natural language processing and identify whether it is offensive or not.

Don’t agree with the result? Email Kirill and help us improve the algorithm.


Are you a developer or you know one? It's super simple to take advantage of this service on your platform.

Send your text content to the https://iamsafe.online/api/v0/ endpoint and act according to the response you get back. Here are few examples of code you can use:

  type : "POST",
  url : "https://iamsafe.online/api/v0/",
  data : JSON.stringify("Your text goes here"),
  dataType : "json",
  cache : false,
  success : function(data){              
    if (data) {
      alert("Submitted text is abusive");
      // Do something with the abusive text
$ curl 
  -X POST 
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
  -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" 
  -d '["Hello world!","Sh1t!"]' 

# response
  false ,

Amount of requests per minute is limited by a free quota. Paid accounts with fewer restrictions and premium features will be introduced shortly.